IFrame met Dynamic Path var stocklistData = getStocklistData(); if (stocklistData && stocklistData.licenseElement) { // Element found, get the dynamic value from the text of the element var dynamicPath = stocklistData.licenseElement.innerText.trim(); // Combine the fixed URL and the dynamic path to get the full iframe URL var iframeURL = fixedURL + dynamicPath; // Create a new iframe element var iframe = document.createElement('iframe'); iframe.src = iframeURL; iframe.width = "100%"; iframe.height = "500px"; // Append the iframe to the body document.body.appendChild(iframe); } else { // Element not found, perform another action or log a message console.log("Element with class 'license_nl' not found in the database."); } } // Simulate retrieving data from the database of
function getStocklistData() { // Simulate fetching data from the server or using some client-side storage // In this example, I'm using a dummy dataset return { licenseElement: document.querySelector("div.license_nl") }; } // Call the function when the page is loaded checkPageAndDisplayIframe();



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